CottsayNet 2007CottsayNet 2007
The New CottsayNet LookHide
Well here it is...the long awaited CottsayNet 2007...a couple of new things -> theres a 'hide' button to hide different boxes throughout the site, many new settings are available on the personal settings page, and some new service modules were added. Other than that, its the same old deal. Let me know what you think of the new site at Thanks!
NOTICE:User AccountsHide
CottsayNet user accounts should be running shortly - I'm finishing up the beta testing on the new system now. An E-mail will be sent out concerning the new account layouts at the time of release. Thanks for your patience.
CottsayNet VNCHide
CottsayNet VNC is available, as well. Opening a VNC connection to on port 5901 (1024x768 resolution) or 5902 (800x600 resolution) will allow you to log in and gain a graphical interface with a server here at CottsayNet...I recently added access to Simply going to this site will grant access to a CottsayNet server. Click Here to go there now. Let me know how it works.
CottsayNet HostingHide
Full scale domain hosting and subdomain hosting, including E-mail forwarding and ftp/web access is now running - more information on CottsayNet Hosting is on the Hosting Page.
CottsayNet RPM RepositoryHide
CottsayNet has now implemented a Linux RPM Repository, located at The Fedora repo installer can be found here. To manually configure the repository, here is the YUM configuration file and the GPG key.
CottsayNet MusicHide
CottsayNet Music is now fully operational for all foxtrot users. You can play a song by adding it to your playlist with the speaker symbol next to the song, or download it by adding it to your download list using the plus symbol. Both lists can be viewed in the Settings tab.
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